Representative of DMM RESORTS Attended the Unveiling of New Water Tank in New Yashima Aquarium


  • DMM Kariyushi Aquarium

Daisuke Ichigawa, CEO of DMM RESORTS attended the unveiling of new water tank in New Yashima Aquarium on Friday, November 1st, 2019. Since last year, DMM RESORTS has started to have their aquarists go through a series of training organized by New Yashima Aquarium.

▲The biggest dome-shaped tank in the world
▲Irregular-shaped touch pool made by acrylic

To mark the 50th anniversary of New Yashima Aquarium, a world’s biggest dome-shaped tank and a touch pool made by acrylic is newly set up in the aquarium. Meanwhile, the penguin water tank is renovated and become a famous spot on the ceremony day.

A monument is also unveiled on the same day. The monument is carved with the hand writing of Nobusuke Kishi, the former prime minister to celebrate the opening of New Yashima Aquarium in 1969. Besides the above renewal projects, other renewal projects are planning to kick off soon.

▲The monument carved with the facility name