Tatsuya Matsue, CEO of Group, Paid a Courtesy Call to Kazumi Ogawa, Deputy Mayor of Tomigusuku City


  • DMM Kariyushi Aquarium

On January 14th, Tatsuya Matsue, CEO of the Group, paid a courtesy call to Kazumi Ogawa, Deputy Mayor of Tomigusuku City at Tomigusuku City Hall, Okinawa.

Kazumi Ogawa assumed the office of Deputy Mayor in April 2019. This is the first time for Mr. Matsue to meet with Deputy Mayor Ogawa. During the courtesy call, they conversed in a relaxed environment. Mr. Matsue reported the steady progress of the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium project, as well as its planned opening date in late April 2020. Deputy Mayor Ogawa outlined the tourism policies and the development plan of Tomigusuku City. In the meantime, both sides exchanged views on the future of the tourism industry in Tomigusuku City.

Preparations of DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will continue with the support and cooperation of the Tomigusuku City, as well as other local Okinawan authorities and businesses. The aquarium aims to provide a new sightseeing experience in southern Okinawa and maximize economic benefits of the whole prefecture.